Engineering Geologists and Environmental Specialists

Ashton Bennett was founded in 1991 to provide geotechnical, mining and environmental services to the government, public bodies, local authorities, the private sector, industry and financial businesses on the identification and solution to geotechnical problems, mining and environmental risks associated with both development and all other ground and groundwater conditions.

The design, behaviour, safety, costs and environmental setting of any development are directly affected by the historical and geological nature of a specific site. Specialist investigative techniques and experience are, therefore, essential in the acquisition and interpretation of this data and its application to safe, economic design and construction.

 Ashton Bennett’s specialist expertise and experience in investigative techniques has led to commissions for a wide variety and scale of projects throughout the UK and Europe, from housing developments to oil refineries and large industrial works including shipbuilding yards, closed mines, chemical works, railway development and landfill sites. The full range of disciplines provided includes recommendations for all stages of a scheme from acquisition and reclamation to design and construction, and embraces desk research, ground investigation, environmental surveys, environmental site reclamation, environmental impact assessment, water quality investigation, landfill design, mine stabilisation, slope stability, geotechnical design and foundation design.

Using Ashton Bennett ensures the client receives:

  • A fast, reliable and economic service
  • A comprehensive and reliable Phase 1 report for planning application and site aquistition
  • Appropriate and economic Phase 2 report to meet planning conditions in line with best practice guidance
  • Acceptable Phase 3 remediation statements and validation reports to satisfy planning and stake holders
  • Reliable geotechnical design for construction
  • Comprehensive identification and economic solutions to environmental risks

Expert identification and stabilisation of mines and mine shafts 

Ashton Bennett provides a comprehensive service from site aquisition through investigation and remediation to validation and site completion.

 Ashton Bennett advises clients on sustainability by designing methods of minimising waste, encouraging use of sustainable construction materials, re-using constructing materials and where possible designing and installing sustainable drainage and sustainable energy sources.